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Introducing our New 8 Week Program VITALIZE
Introducing VITALIZE: An 8-Week FREE Hybrid Workout Program
We're excited to introduce VITALIZE, our new FREE 8-week follow-along workout program on the Chris & Edi YouTube channel. Launching on July 1st, this program is designed to help you build muscle and strength while also enhancing your metabolic conditioning and stamina for a well-rounded fitness experience. 

VITALIZE is a hybrid program primarily focused on muscle building and strength. To ensure a balanced fitness routine, we’ve also included metabolic conditioning and stamina workouts. If you’ve completed our INFINITE program, VITALIZE will be an excellent continuation, allowing you to further benefit from the power and endurance developed previously.
Each workout will include a warm-up, and during this program, we will also focus on mobility. Each session will end with a short mobility/stretching routine for you to follow. Some mobility cooldowns will focus on the lower body and hips, while others will concentrate on the spine and upper body. These routines will include many beneficial exercises, especially for those who sit a lot.

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The program will start on July 1st and run for 8 weeks. 4 new workouts will be uploaded every week, and we are keeping Thursdays and Sundays as rest days as per the calendar. 

However, many of you will join from different parts of the world, so we will share two different calendars to follow. Members from Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc., will start the program a day later to make things easier. If you are not sure where to access the workouts or missed the upload, simply visit our YouTube channel where we will create a VITALIZE playlist for all the workouts so you can access them easily.

    Strength, Hypertrophy, and Power: The program features a mix of heavy, slow compound movements for strength, hypertrophy-focused workouts for muscle growth, and power exercises to boost explosive strength.

    8 week FREE program. We follow upper, lower, and full-body splits. Additionally, some days will include stand-alone abs and core workouts. However, each workout is designed to challenge your core, even if it isn’t the main focus.

    VITALIZE is suitable for intermediate and advanced lifters. Beginners are encouraged to follow our modifications and adjust the workouts to their fitness level. Our community is here to support you, so don’t hesitate to join our Facebook group for extra help and guidance.

Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Equipment Do I nEEd?

We aim to keep things simple, understanding that not everyone has a wide range of equipment at home. For VITALIZE, you’ll need: Bench or Plyo Box,  Yoga Blocks. 
Dumbbells: We recommend having a range of weights. Light and medium weights for hypertrophy-focused workouts and heavier weights for strength days. As you progress, try to increase the weight to continue challenging your muscles. Resistance Bands. If you have limited equipment, don’t worry—just follow along with what you have and make necessary adjustments. The key is to keep challenging yourself with the resources available.

What about cardio?

While VITALIZE includes some cardio sessions, we do recommend keeping up with the weekly running / steps challenges. The program features a mix of four strength and hypertrophy workouts followed by one cardio day each week. For your cardio day, you have options: a 5-7K run, a 15-20K steps challenge, or any other form of cardio you enjoy, such as boxing, swimming, or cycling.

I`m a beginner, can i still join?

VITALIZE is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginners are encouraged to follow our modifications and adjust the workouts to their fitness level. Some of the more advanced exercises will be demonstrated with options for different abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and progress.

4 days per week will be enough to train?

Yes, 4 days of workouts plus 1 day of cardio is an effective training regimen. This schedule allows for balanced muscle building and strength training, while also incorporating cardiovascular fitness. The mix of strength, hypertrophy, and power exercises ensures comprehensive muscle engagement and growth. The cardio day enhances your stamina and overall cardiovascular health. Additionally, having rest days is crucial for recovery, preventing overtraining, and ensuring continuous progress.
How do I access the VITALIZE workouts?
YouTube Channel:
Visit our Chris & Edi YouTube channel starting from July 1st, where we will upload new workouts every week. Look for the dedicated 
VITALIZE playlist for easy navigation. 

Check our website or social media platforms for the VITALIZE workout schedule. We will provide two different calendars to accommodate different time zones, ensuring everyone can follow along conveniently.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications to be alerted when new VITALIZE workouts are uploaded. This way, you won't miss any updates or additions to the program. Missed Workouts: If you miss a workout or need to catch up, all VITALIZE workouts will be available in the dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel. Simply visit the playlist and choose the workout you missed.
What if I miss a workout or fall behind in the program?
While we recommend following the weekly schedule for optimal results, you can adjust your workout days to fit your schedule as needed. The important thing is to stay consistent and complete the workouts at your own pace. If you fall behind just simply continue where you left off. Many of you will complete the program in different times.
How can I track my progress throughout the 8 weeks?
Keep a dedicated notebook or digital log where you record your workout sessions. Note down the exercises performed, sets, reps, weights used, and any modifications or adjustments you made. This helps you track your strength gains and improvements in performance over time. 

Take initial measurements of key areas such as waist circumference, hips, thighs, arms, and chest before starting the program. Repeat these measurements every few weeks to track changes in your body composition and muscle growth. Additionally, take progress photos at regular intervals (e.g., every 2 weeks) to visually document changes in your physique.
Pay attention to feedback from your body. If you consistently feel stronger, more energized, or notice changes in your body composition, these are positive indicators of progress.

Take a moment after each workout or at the end of each week to reflect on how you felt during the workouts, any challenges you faced, and the areas where you noticed improvements. This self-assessment can provide valuable insights into your overall progress and areas for further development.

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