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Meet Chris & Edi, a dynamic power couple on a mission to be your guiding force in transforming your life.


Who We Are

Our mission is to make fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere. We're on a quest to inspire and empower as many people as possible worldwide. Through our workouts and our unique perspective, we aim to shift the way you see fitness. It's not just a routine; it's a lifestyle you'll love.


From Champion Swimmer to Transformation Specialist

 Edi's journey in the world of sports started early. As a 14-year competitive swimmer, she conquered waves and earned the title of Hungarian National Champion an astounding 15 times. Her victories extended beyond borders, as she clinched several international championships.
But Edi's journey didn't end with her competitive swimming days. She embarked on a parallel path, studying hotel management. Yet, all along, she felt that sports remained a major part of her life.
A New Beginning with Chris, the other half of this dynamic duo. Already immersed in the world of fitness, Chris inspired Edi to rekindle her passion for sports. Together, they embarked on a journey of learning and coaching, igniting a new chapter in Edi's life.
Edi is a certified coach, specializing in training the female athlete, fat loss, and sports nutrition. Her years of dedication to sport, combined with her extensive knowledge, make her a transformation specialist like no other. Edi's impact reaches far and wide. She trains clients online through their YouTube channel and works with 1:1 clients, achieving remarkable success stories along the way. 

Female Transformation Specialist - Clean Health Institute
Performance PT Coach - Clean Health Institute
Applied Nutrition Specializing in Sports & Fitness



A Lifelong Love for Sports

With a certified expertise in muscle building, agility, and conditioning, he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the world of fitness.
Chris's journey in the world of sports began at an early age when he laced up his soccer boots. His dedication and talent led him to play soccer professionally in both Canada and Europe, honing his skills on the international stage.
This passion for sports never faded; instead, it evolved into a commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals.
During his career, Chris also took on the role of agility coaching for kids' hockey teams, and his impact extended beyond the rink as he helped countless individuals from all walks of life become stronger, both mentally and physically. 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

A Shared Love for Sports
Chris and Edi share a profound love for sports, and together, they're a powerhouse duo dedicated to helping you transform your life through fitness. Beyond their professional lives, they're avid fans of Muay Thai, a testament to their enduring passion for the world of combat sports.

Why Choose Us

Our blend of certified coaching expertise, lifelong sports passion, and unwavering commitment is the winning formula for guiding you toward a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilled lifestyle.

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