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Build Series 2.0 - The next chapter in building strength, muscle, and stamina.

Get ready for the upcoming chapter of our FREE signature YouTube program, coming soon on January 2, 2024. We're excited to have you on board!






This Is Build

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Starting on January 2

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Welcome to Build Series 2.0 – our signature 10-week FREE follow along program on YouTube, that is designed to redefine your strength, sculpt your physique, and elevate your overall well-being. Our program is not just a workout; it's a journey towards a stronger, more resilient version of yourself. 

With a focus on muscle building and strength enhancement, each session is carefully crafted to maximize results using minimal equipment.

Starting on January 2, 2024, we'll be sharing five workouts each week to keep you engaged and progressing. The program calendar, outlining your journey, will be released soon.
Build is not just about building muscle; it's a feeling, a commitment to building strength and discipline. It's about showing up every day, staying true to yourself, and recognizing that your health and body are the most valuable assets you possess. 

We've just posted the program calendar for our upcoming 10-week free muscle-building and strength-focused workout series, Build Series 2.0. Make sure to grab the program FAQs. We've got key questions and answers you need before kicking off the program.

Start Date: January 2nd, 2024
Workout Posting Time: 4 am PST
Where: join our YouTube channel Chris & Edi, the program is FREE

To ensure a smooth beginning, make sure to read the program sheet info. If you haven't already, join our Facebook community for important program updates, support, and assistance. 

Simply click the download button below for instant access to your PDF. Additionally, we'll be creating a YouTube playlist where all the released workouts will be organized.

We're counting down the days and can't wait to get started!

Program Highlights

  • 10 Weeks Program

  • Minimal Equipment

  • Muscle Building & Strength Focused

  • Upper / Lower Split

  • Follow Along with Ease

  • 40-60 min. Workouts

  • 5 Workouts / Week

  • Extra Cardio


What is Build Series?

This is your opportunity to be a part of something big, to build a strong body & mind with consistency, repetition and resilience. BUILD isn`t about shortcuts or quick fixes—it`s about the unshakable power that comes from putting in the work day after day, rep after rep.
The Build Series stands out as one of our signature programs because it reflects our training philosophy. We put our hearts into these workouts, emphasizing the mind-muscle connection and proper structures to ensure optimal growth.

We'll guide you through a carefully designed 10-week program, focusing on lower and upper body strength, enhancing stamina, core strength, and balance. Build 2.0 will feature 5 workouts per week, incorporating cardio sessions to elevate your fitness experience.

The Build Series workouts cater to all fitness levels. While the sessions may be challenging at 40-60 minutes, we've got modifications, making it easy for everyone to participate and enjoy, no matter your fitness level. The series is a FREE, follow-along program shared on our YouTube channel. The first workout drops on January 2nd, 2024, at 4 am PST.

Starting Soon!

To join this program, what equipment do I need?

✔️ We've ensured that joining us is easy with limited equipment. All you'll need are dumbbells, bands, and a plyo box or chair, or bench for the program.  And a Yoga mat :)
✔️ We recommend having a lighter set of dumbbells along with a heavier set, especially for lower body workout days. Adjustable dumbbells work great too.

Don`t forget to download your program calendar and FAQ`s attached above ✔️✔️

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Our Team Loved Build Series 1.0

Congrats and great work to everyone out there that completed this series! I hope you've seen as much gains as I have. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank Coach Chris and Coach Edi for a superb series. You guys put in a lot of work on this and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed myself. Can't wait for the next series.


Loved this series. Will be coming back no doubt. Solid one. Using my last bit of thumb strength to type this one out after this boss round of a workout 👊🏼🦾


Oh my goodness where to start ? It was ( it is ) an amazing Program ! I enjoyed every workout, the music, the set up . Thank you Chris and Edi !! Feeling so much stronger. Can’t believe it’s over. Arnold at the end is the perfect finishing ❤



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