Starting on May 1st

Our New Program is Here!

Introducing the Infinite 1.0 by Chris & Edi! Dive into our comprehensive full-body split program, meticulously crafted to boost your strength, endurance, and power. This six-week journey is completely FREE, available for you to follow along on our YouTube channel. Let's embark on this journey together and unleash your full potential with our unique training approach.
minute Sessions
Key Features:
  • Program Duration: 6 weeks, starting on May 1st and ending on June 12th. 
  • Full Body Split
  • Workout Frequency: 4+ weekly workouts provided on Chris & Edi's YouTube channel. 
  • Workout Lengths: 40-50 min workouts
  • Program Calendar available for download 
  • Focus Areas: Strength & Muscle Building, Power and Endurance training incorporated into each session.
  •  Suitability: Designed for intermediate and advanced lifters, with modifications included for beginners. 
  • Minimal Equipment: Requires basic equipment like dumbbells (heavier and lighter sets), bands, a bench or plyo box, yoga blocks, and a kettlebell. If you don`t have these equipment's, you can still follow along with dumbbells only.
  •  Each training day targets different training variables to ensure a well-rounded approach to fitness. 
  • Free Access: The program is entirely free, accessible to anyone interested in joining on our YouTube channel
  • We've developed two separate program calendars. The first begins officially on May 1st, with the initial workout released at 4 am PST. If you're based in North or South America, you can download this calendar. However, if you're joining us from Europe, Australia, Asia, or Africa, feel free to grab the other option. You can start one day later and follow your own schedule according to that calendar.

~ Experience Infinite 1.0:
 a program that combines strength, power, and endurance for unparalleled results ~

Get ready for our first full-body split program where each session targets different training variables, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your fitness journey. With a focus on both upper and lower body, expect a balanced growth week by week, featuring metabolic conditioning, muscle-building workouts, and power-based training. Plus, we'll prioritize mobility to enhance recovery and movement quality, ensuring you feel balanced and free.  
  • Strength

  • build muscle
  • get strong
  • achieve lean physique
  • Power

  • become athletic
  • more dynamic
  •  & explosive
  • Endurance

  • build stamina
  • improve cardio
  • better endurance
Experience the Chris & Edi training method, where strength and energy converge to redefine your fitness journey.

Why join us?

  • enjoy enhanced mobility, improved agility, and a renewed sense of confidence in every workout
  • discover new techniques and embrace a unique training style crafted by us, empowering you to reach new heights in your fitness goals
  • become stronger, fitter, and more energized with every session
  • experience workouts you'll look forward to
  • be a part of our growing and supportive fitness community, where we're committed to helping each other thrive and succeed
  • it`s all FREE 💗

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