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Discover the secret to a vibrant, confident you with the GEM Method Blueprint. Imagine shedding excess fat effortlessly, gaining unshakeable confidence, and awakening boundless energy. This isn't just a program; it's your invitation to a life redefined. Ready to embark on the journey of a revitalized, empowered you?
Blueprint Program
E Books
Key Features:
  • Comprehensive Female-Focused Approach
  • Clear instructions on what and when to eat
  • In-Depth Understanding of Female Hormones & Menstrual Cycle
  • Step by Step instructions to achieve Fat Loss and Build Lean Muscle
  • Feel Confident and Strong
  • Sustainable Fat Loss without Crash Diets 
  • Performance-Optimized Workouts
  • Both Gym or Home based options
  • Comprehensive Food Swaps for Nutritional Flexibility
  • How to Keep Progress While Traveling and on Vacation
  • Exclusive Members-Only Area with Guided Video Modules
  • Adjustable Meal Plans and Nutritional Education 
  • Bonus: E-books on Recovery and Sleep Education, Female Cycle, Building Rock Solid Mind Framework

~ Like many, I started from a certain point in my fitness journey. ~

From Professional Swimmer to Passionate Coach:

 After 14 years of intense competition, I hit a point of burnout. The exhaustion lingered for years as I stepped away from sports, navigating a life without the pool. School, parties, and a lack of motivation became my norm. Feeling tired and lost, I decided it was time for a change. Slowly reintroducing sports into my life, coupled with education from industry experts, marked the turning point. Now, alongside my husband Chris, we've made it our mission to share our journey and help as many people as possible. This is more than a transformation; it's a commitment to empower others in their unique fitness journeys.

  • nutrition

  • Lose Fat
  • No Crash Diet
  • Eat Food You Like
  • Training

  • Build Lean Muscle
  • 3 or 6 Days Split
  • Home or Gym 
  • mindset

  • Daily Habits
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindset Work
Through hard work, learning, and staying consistent, I've managed to make real changes to my mind and body. Now, I want to share my experience and help you achieve your own transformation!

Additional Benefits

  • Adjustable Meal Plans tailored to your preferences and lifestyle 
  • Training optimized nutrition
  • Swap Guide, Food Ingredients Guide, How to build your own plate
  • Video Modules: Learn directly from me to ensure proper execution 
  • Flexibility: Choose between the GEM Method Nutrition Program or bundle it with my signature 8-Week Shred Program 
  • Home and Gym Versions 
  • Training Program available 3 or 6 days split
  • Personal Support: Get assistance and guidance directly from me 
  • Mindset Mastery: Framework and step-by-step lessons on building a rock-solid mind
Before I began working with Edina, I felt lost – no clue about working out, what to eat, and struggling with sleep. It was an especially tough time due to the loss of my father. Edina's programs went beyond the physical. Her guidance transformed not just my fitness but also my mindset. Grateful for a coach who truly cares.


Working with Edina for the past two years has been a game-changer. Finally, I've seen real changes in my body composition, built some muscle, and learned how to eat properly. But Edina is more than just a trainer; she's become my go-to accountability coach and mentor. It's been a journey, and I'm thankful to have her support and guidance along the way


Thankful I have attained a solid background in fitness and nutrition thanks to you! Also thankful for my dedication to routine and prioritizing movement every day if possible. I've gained a wealth of knowledge about food, and the strength I've developed is beyond measure. I miss working with you and I eagerly look forward to rejoining your programs after my pregnancy.


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The Gem Method + 8 Week Shred Challenge Bundle for Female Fat Loss

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The Gem Method  is a timeless program crafted from a personal journey of burnout to empowerment. 

Join me in creating lasting transformations and making fitness a sustainable part of your life. Invest in your well-being today and enjoy access to our transformative program whenever you're ready to embark on your fitness journey. It's a commitment to lasting change with just one click.

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